Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 34 (Monday)-

We finaly got Daisy to work and we took lots of PTMs with it! :)

Day 33 (Friday)-

We had a cookout and played Volleyball

Day 32 (Thursday)-

Ed used my comp to get his Power Point.

Took Pix with Daisy using the Red, Green and Blue Filters.

Blogged some more.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 31 (Wednesday)-

I fixed the Blue filters, I had the wrong one. I put Nadyas arm back together and tried to make a PTM. It didn’t work.
We had our movie lunch and free pizza.

Nadya helped me make a PTM. It still didn’t work. We were trying to make a PTM with the LP file. The LP file just doesn’t work.

We tried to go to Javas but they had closed at 2.

Ev worked in my lab and I left for the pool :)

Day 30 (Tuesday)-

Glued Nadyas arm to mouse pads and made an LP file

Day 29 (Monday)-

We had our meeting.

Nadya and I Looked at her arm, we brainstormed ways to keep the lights in place and I complained about the fabric she put on.

Bethany brought a student around and Nadya showed her our lab.

Nadya told me how to work her program.

Javas and then I left early for a Birthday! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 28 (Friday)-

No one got much done today, it was the RIT Undergrad Resarch & Innovation Symposium day.

I got here and wrote down my week so I wouldent forget what I did when it came time to blog.

There was free food everywhere on campus and we got a Free lunch! It was chineese but it was still okay.

I saw Johnathan and Ashely present. That was interesting :)

We got to go up on the Roof and help on the roof lab! It was alot of fun.

I got more free food and then I left for the day.

Day 27 (Thursday)-

I blogged before the morning meeting.

We all went to the Meeting.

Went on a field trip to Melles Griot. It didn’t take as long as we thought it would so we had an early lunch at some sub place.

I worked on my power point.

Went to Java’s.

Joe and I talked about my power point and how to make an LP file.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 26 (Wednesday)-

I worked on my Power Point before the meeting.

Went to the meeting.

Worked with Nadyas lights and cut out all the filters for them. It looks nice :)

Nadya wanted me to get the color splitter matlab on the apple but it won’t work because it was made for a PC. Then I tried to make a PTM with Nadyas arm but the program stopped before it was done so I tried to stop the program. I restarted the Computer and then I couldn’t log back in as an administrator so that ended that.

We went to lunch, it was an undergrad picnic and we got free food.

Ed and I had to give a tower of out rooms and so I pulled up a PTM to talk about, then they wanted to make one so Ed brought them down to his lab to talk to them and I got Betsy ready (I used the power supply, camera, and camera cord with Nadya's arm.) When they came back the program wasn’t ready to run and I didn’t know how to prep the system because it has always been prepped for me, but Bethany knew and we made them a PTM of a bunch of stuff.

I took a break and hung out with Ed and Halle.

I showed Joe my Power Point and he told me some things I should add. Then he explained how they will capture the UV and IR light waves when they want to use them to make PTMs.

I had a Cookie and Milk.

Looked at the book.

Left for work, again.

Day 25 (Tuesday)-

I worked on my Power Point before the meeting.

After the meeting Joe brought me some Power Points I can take examples from, and to help me explain what a PTM is and why we would want to do this.

I looked at Nadya’s lights on her arm and the filters and tired to find the best way to attach the filters.

I worked on my Power Point with Halle and Ed after lunch.

I took my First trip to Java’s today too. That was cool.

This was a slow day.

Day 24 (Monday)-

I had lots of fun last week, we went to Oak Hill, West Virginia. We worked on painting houses, installing doors, building stairs, ramps, and a roof over one of the decks.

This morning I started off making a power point for my final project, it wasn't much of one. I only had a cover slide and some stuff from the wiki.

We all had our morning meeting.

Looked at my power point again, it wasn’t very helpful.

I played with Nadya’s arm to see how she was doing.

Glenn and I took Pictures with Nadya’s arm. He then explained to me the problem with my Filtered Grayscale Images. The images were 1/3 the size, the same problem as before. Glenn said to make them grayscale and then RGB again so that you have three layers again and not just a Grayscale value (one layer).

Joe came up and we talked about my power point, he wrote out a plan for me so it makes sense to the audience.

We bought Filters for Nadya’s arm. I found the colors we needed and cut them out of the packet.

I went to go see Evelyn for a minute, wrote down my day and then we went to a movie with all the other interns.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 18 (Friday)-

Today is a rainy yucky day :(
After that I found some images from the Red, Green and Blue channels that I forgot to make. I started finishing them but then went down to the cookout.

We all chilled and talked. Some of the guys played Gnome Bowling, which was funny. We ate and played Frisbee too.

I came back and finished the PTMs I missed. People came to visit our lab too.

I blogged for a while, Had a snack.

I went and got some holes drilled in Nadyas Arm.

Measured the 30-40-60 degrees that she wants and got those holes drilled.

We put Daisy together :)

Then we took her apart again...

Nadya said she would finish next week.

I’m not going to be here next week, im going on a mission trip to West Virginia!

Day 17 (Thusday)-

I finished the PTMs from when I split the images into Red, Green and Blue and made the rest of the PTMs.

I went to Lunch and wasnt feeling well after.
I ended up going home around 1:30.

Day 16 (Wednesday)-

We started the day on a field trip to Halle and Matt's lab to see what they are working on this summer.

I fixed Betsy’s AtoHotkey ( I deleted a file it needs when I was cleaning out the folder.)

I split the images into Red, Green and Blue color channels again so that they would save right this time and I could use them to make a PTM.

I got everything set up to make the PTMs with the channels and then realized it was time to go to lunch. I went to lunch. I ate lunch, then came back to my lab to make my PTMs. Ed and Matt came up and talked about houses and how we could make money off this house with 14 beds. That was a strange conversation, but they left soon after.

During this time I made 32 PTMs.

When I got sick of PTMs I went and took an eye tracking test, given to me by Prati and Liz.

After the eye tracking thing I went home so I wouldn’t be late for Lifeguarding.

Day 15 (Tuesday)-

I worked all morning on our mac to see if I could get the RTI webmaker to work. I couldn’t figure it out! ( I dont know how to use a mac...)

Because I couldn't get it to work I split 15 PTMs images into Red, Green and Blue channels.  (There are 23 images in each PTM)

I went to lunch with some of the interns, and hung out with Ev and Alex.

After lunch I was waiting for Joe to come help with the mac. When he came we got one of the help guys to come and he discovered that the program was looking for a library that we didn’t have. He was going to find the library that we needed.

Ed came up and made the Matlab files save the right way so I could use them.

I ended my day looking at Betsy’s AtoHotkey program wondering why it was missing a step.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 14 (monday)-

Today I was a tad late getting here.

For the first hour I worked on RTI viewer to try to get the files online, that didn’t go so well. The only help you can find on RTI webmaker is two little paragraphs that don’t help at all.

We went on a Field trip to Rochester Precision Optics that was a very interesting visit. They showed us around their factory and we got to see how the glass moves from being cut/molded to polished. They also rented a party bus to bring us over and bought us Pizza Hut.

When we got back I collected stuff from outside and made PTMs of them. It took forever but I got them all done.

Friday, July 22, 2011

day 13 (Friday)-

Joe came in and practiced making PTMs with the cool stuff I got, we made three and they turned out nice. We used the tarp, camo and fabric samples. They all came out nice.

Nadya and I played with her arm some more and we took more pictures with it.

This is Nadya  focusing the camera.

Then Nadya made the images into PTMs

this is Nadya working hard.

this is our stuff

I made my own PTMs of the wood in Betsy, I made one with each and then one with both together.

Then we had a cookout!

I'm not going to comment on all of them but it was lots of fun!

We played Apples to Apples and Frisbee and ate food! It was fun :)

I came back in and we showed Betsy off to a kid looking at the Imaging Science Program and watched Imaging Science videos.

I made more PTMs of stuff.

I spent a long time getting Joes webcam to work. It works now and its a very messy setup for Betsy, but we get to use the big screen TV :) 

I think next year they should have the kids make a Video Diary instead of a Blog.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 12 (Thursday)-


Today I came in and organized my PTM folders on the computer because there were way too many.

Nadya and I worked on her arm,

This is Nadya working on her arm.

I started measuring out different angles for her and then we realized we had to get the bottom of her arm cut so we could rotate it. We took a trip to the workshop to get her arm cut and then came back and fit it into the frame.

I finished measuring the angles,

This is my setup.

I measured 30-70 degree angles using the string and the arm.

Then we took the pictures,
We took one light and we went through all the angles and then took another light and do the same thing.
 Nadya put all the pictures into files and then made PTMs of them, they didn't come out so great. We are going to try again when we get more bolts on the plates.

I ate lunch, we ate outside and it was really, really hot.

After lunch we played with Nadyas arm some more, I cut mouse pads to go around the base of the frame.

Mouse Pads

When I was done we looked at how nice the PTMs from Boston are. They look very nice, and I want mine to look that good.

I got cool stuff! i get to PTM it tomorrow, maybe. Betsy is being mean and not working.

this is my cool stuff
I tryed to make a PTM of the lifejaket but Betsy is being silly.

I made the Green Filter PTM gray scale and the PTM was stretched again. Ill have to check that out tomorrow.

these are my angles

this is a Glossy Ball.

this is Nadyas arm

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 11 (Wednesday) -

This morning was much better.

I came in and made another Ghetto PTM and this time I used a white background so you can see the Glossy Ball. This time the Green and Blue worked but the red one got messed up and needs to be redone. I split the white light images into Red Green and Blue and made them PTMs also.

After that most of the girl interns went to the Entrepreneur movie and ate free pizza!

when the movie was over me, Prati, Liz, and Elaine went for a walk and we found a volleyball court and huge stairs! were going to go have lunch their tomorrow, at the stairs, maybe, its supposed to be really hot tomorrow.
We built sandcastles in the sand at the volleyball court.

Then i came back and blogged the first half of my week because I forgot to... :)

Going home and then to my other job as a lifeguard, goodnight!

Day 10 (Tuesday) -

Today we planed a breakfast! It was nice to not have to worry about it getting ready in the morning.

My day did fall apart quickly that morning, first I went to Wegmans to get toaster waffles but I dropped my money so I couldn't buy it and then when I got to work my lunch and notebook weren't with me so after breakfast I went home to get them and came back. It isn't a fun way to start a morning, breakfast made it all better though.

When I got back to RIT Joe wanted to know how to use Betsy, so he could show other people how cool it is for a college tour. I tried to show him how to work it but the remote for the camera had a bad connection because they had never soldered it, I got to solder it and Betsy works now! That was cool.

I played with the RTIBuilder and RTIViewer software for a little bit to see if the files could be put onto the internet, and they can, we just have no idea how to manipulate the software that way yet.

the last thing that I did was make a Ghetto PTM using Red Green and Blue Filters on the lights and running them through the RTIBuilder to make PTMs. This way we could compare the filtered PTMs to the PTMs made by splitting the original white light picture into RGB. it didn't work because the program couldn't find the Glossy Ball. So on Wednesday I shall have to make another one.

Day 9 (Monday)-

On Monday they cleaned our floors so we couldn't work in our lab for most of the day.

Most of the morning was spent researching different ways to put PTMs on the internet so that you can view them on just a normal web page using java. 

You will need a java plugin and for some reason it will not work on the computers in my lab but it will on my laptop. If it doesn't work, its basically a PTM online, you can move the light around and see more detail then if it was just a picture. 

This was the only thing that really happened today because my lab smelled like Chemicals from when they waxed the floors. 

I'm going to be making Ghetto PTMs on Tuesday :) 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 7 (Thursday)-

Nadya wasn’t here all day today.  

Joe came in and I told him about MATLab and what it was doing, I told him about the Red Green and Blue channel PTM, and why they were ending up doing what they did.
I also started to look up how to make a .ptm file for the internet. I couldn’t find much information on it so I tried to see how I could add to the MATLab program, but I was having trouble with it so I decided to do to lunch.

Lunch was so much fun! We had a cookout, played games and ate cheeseburgers and hot dogs! Lots of fun, I got to through the Frisbee and botchy ball! We all ate together, it was lots of fun.

After lunch I made a plan to test the shadows of other objects in Betsy to see if the shadows had the same issue, Joe was upset about the shadows that kept showing up in the ghetto PTMs that I made. I created a PTM using Betsy, but instead of the black background I used white paper to make a white background so that we could see the shadows it was making.

Then Ed came up with Halle and Matt to help with MATLab because I am having trouble, it was a good time and very funny.

Until Tomorrow!

Day 6

Well Joe and Nadya weren’t here this morning and so I finished making the PTMs with the MATLab program with Red, Green and Blue channel images. They told me to figure out the difference between ImageJ images and MATLab images, so I went and looked at the property’s of the first picture in each group, the original picture from the camera, the ImageJ picture and the MATLab picture. The only difference I could find was in the ImageJ file description, there was a subject and a title that the other pictures didn’t have.
The MATLab program on the other hand didn’t work out as planned. The program only saved 1/3 of the picture so it only showed on the PTM as 1/3 of the width. Glenn came up and spent time explaining this to us.

(Picture of Problem)
The problem with the program was that the picture that we imported was being divided into the 3 channels (red, green, blue) and then saved as that layer. The red picture was now just one red layer, making the PTM program show the picture as 1/3 its width, because its only 1 out of the 3 layers. 

(Picture of solution)
The solution was before saving the documents the documents make the red picture 3 layers of the red layer. so make the same layer 3 times.

That was my day. I went home after that J

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 5 (Tuesday) -

First we all meet in our little room.

After that we went to our labs. I manipulated images into Red Green and Blue images on ImageJ. That took until lunch time to finish splitting them.

When I went down to lunch with everyone else I found Prati and Liz. We walked around but everyone had left without us! We were on time, everyone else was early. We had a lovely lunch out in the hot sun. Elaine and Sarah had gone out and bought a fish to scan.

After lunch I came back and had trouble with my ImageJ images. It was such a pain. I split the images and it didn’t like them, we thought it was because they were grayscale, but the program wouldn’t take it. I went through and spit the images merged them and split them again so that they were in color. That didn’t work. I made them just plain old black and white to see if it was the grayscale that made the program act funny, it did but it didn’t help much because I took the photos and saved them through ImageJ. That way they were still in color the only difference from the original was that they were saved through ImageJ, and they didn’t work with the program!

I went and told Nadya this and Glen Sweeney wrote us a program on MATLab that split the pictures into Red, Green, and Blue images. The program took these pictures but the PTM image was stretched out with Red Green and Blue lines. It is weird but it still works.

Joe said that he won’t be here tomorrow and that I should try to see why the ImageJ stuff is different than Glen’s program, and find out why the PTM image is stretched.

This is the Original PTM

This is the PTM of the Blue Chanel 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 4 (Monday)-

We started the day in the meeting room before going off to our rooms. Joe came up and gave me a task for the morning, to resize the 100 pictures I took Friday, that way they would not clog up the program. That took me until lunch to do. I had to resize every picture individually! It was a long time. But after lunch the pictures could get through the program, and that was worth it. We compared the 6 picture PTM to the 100 picture PTM and the shadows were defiantly more organized then before.
After that cool stuff Joe helped get out Betsy, the PTM that the freshmen class built for Imagine RIT. He helped me find the cords and hook the computer up to her. Nadya came back soon after I got the camera hooked up and she showed me how to get a PTM out of Betsy.  Of course the first 3 trys I set the camera up wrong so we didn’t get anything but dark images, but after we fixed that we were all good and its working!
Nadya left after that and I just kept playing with Betsy. I made two more PTMs with her. One of a plastic bag and one of a paper I crumpled up.
Its Nadyas Birthday tomorrow!

Day 3-Friday

Day 3 -

I came in and we all sat in the meeting room. The interns decided to have lunch together at noon, that way we don’t eat alone and at different times, which is good. J

Then I came up to my room with Nadya and she showed me how to use a Nikon Camera and a glossy ball for the PTM. The Glossy Ball is for detecting the vector that the light is hitting the object so that you can make the PTM. She showed me how to rename files and move the information from one program to another to get a PTM.

For the rest of the day I took pictures of a folder and made 3 different PTMs. The first was a 6 picture PTM and the next two were 12 picture PTMs. I had to make two because the camera was out of focus for the first 12 picture one.

I started another PTM to see if the shadows and light shadows would go away if more pictures were used. I couldn’t get the program to run it because the pictures were too big, so I’ll just have to wait till Monday to do that.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Day's 1 & 2

Hi everyone,
Because I haven’t had a blog I will tell you about the last two days J

So Day One-

The first thing we did was swipe our cards and go into our meeting room so we could wait for everyone to show up. Joe had assigned us teams and we were sent out on a video scavenger hunt and the team who found the most stuff on their list would get t-shirts! We ran around the campus thinking we were doing awesome! We made our movie and went to lunch to see how other teams did. We lost… actually we got crushed. It was a sad. After lunch we went up to our labs and learned what we were to work on this summer. My job for the rest of this week is to make a Ghetto PTM. I’ll tell you what a PTM is later. Nadya (She is the college Freshmen I am working with) had me going over the Wiki and looking up what I needed to have to make this Ghetto PTM.

This is the Wiki à http://ife2010.wikispaces.com/

And Day Two-

Day Two I came in around 11 because I took my driving test, AND I PASSED!!
When I got here I came up and Nadya told me what programs I would need to use to make a PTM and so for a long time I was looking up what these programs did and why I needed them. Joe came in and helped with how I need to set up the camera and how many pictures I need to take. You need to take 6-8 pictures for a PTM, the more there are the better. I ate lunch with Nadya and her friends and after I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out the programs and where the information comes from and goes to. I made a plan and wrote it out on the board for tomorrow. 

About Me

Hi everyone, I’m Kelsey!
Would you like to know about me?
--  I -- I run Cross Country and think it is the best sport ever! I have been running for 5 years and have to say that Track and Indoor aren’t as fun as Cross Country. I also enjoy Rock Climbing and Ultimate Frisbee.
·       --   I am a life guard at our school pool and teach swim lessons.
·       --   My favorite classes last year were Physics, Gym and Orchestra
·       --   I played cello in Disney World with the school orchestra.
·        --  I have been to Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Monaco, and the Vatican.
·        --  By favorite book ever is The Secret Garden
·        -- I don’t like cooked chocolate. No brownies or chocolate cake, chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate chip zucchini bread. (cookies and ice cream are good)
·       -- I love cheeseburgers and hot wings and ribs

I can’t think of anything else that is good to know about me.
If you have any questions let me know.