Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 26 (Wednesday)-

I worked on my Power Point before the meeting.

Went to the meeting.

Worked with Nadyas lights and cut out all the filters for them. It looks nice :)

Nadya wanted me to get the color splitter matlab on the apple but it won’t work because it was made for a PC. Then I tried to make a PTM with Nadyas arm but the program stopped before it was done so I tried to stop the program. I restarted the Computer and then I couldn’t log back in as an administrator so that ended that.

We went to lunch, it was an undergrad picnic and we got free food.

Ed and I had to give a tower of out rooms and so I pulled up a PTM to talk about, then they wanted to make one so Ed brought them down to his lab to talk to them and I got Betsy ready (I used the power supply, camera, and camera cord with Nadya's arm.) When they came back the program wasn’t ready to run and I didn’t know how to prep the system because it has always been prepped for me, but Bethany knew and we made them a PTM of a bunch of stuff.

I took a break and hung out with Ed and Halle.

I showed Joe my Power Point and he told me some things I should add. Then he explained how they will capture the UV and IR light waves when they want to use them to make PTMs.

I had a Cookie and Milk.

Looked at the book.

Left for work, again.

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