Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 24 (Monday)-

I had lots of fun last week, we went to Oak Hill, West Virginia. We worked on painting houses, installing doors, building stairs, ramps, and a roof over one of the decks.

This morning I started off making a power point for my final project, it wasn't much of one. I only had a cover slide and some stuff from the wiki.

We all had our morning meeting.

Looked at my power point again, it wasn’t very helpful.

I played with Nadya’s arm to see how she was doing.

Glenn and I took Pictures with Nadya’s arm. He then explained to me the problem with my Filtered Grayscale Images. The images were 1/3 the size, the same problem as before. Glenn said to make them grayscale and then RGB again so that you have three layers again and not just a Grayscale value (one layer).

Joe came up and we talked about my power point, he wrote out a plan for me so it makes sense to the audience.

We bought Filters for Nadya’s arm. I found the colors we needed and cut them out of the packet.

I went to go see Evelyn for a minute, wrote down my day and then we went to a movie with all the other interns.

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