Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 18 (Friday)-

Today is a rainy yucky day :(
After that I found some images from the Red, Green and Blue channels that I forgot to make. I started finishing them but then went down to the cookout.

We all chilled and talked. Some of the guys played Gnome Bowling, which was funny. We ate and played Frisbee too.

I came back and finished the PTMs I missed. People came to visit our lab too.

I blogged for a while, Had a snack.

I went and got some holes drilled in Nadyas Arm.

Measured the 30-40-60 degrees that she wants and got those holes drilled.

We put Daisy together :)

Then we took her apart again...

Nadya said she would finish next week.

I’m not going to be here next week, im going on a mission trip to West Virginia!

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