Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 10 (Tuesday) -

Today we planed a breakfast! It was nice to not have to worry about it getting ready in the morning.

My day did fall apart quickly that morning, first I went to Wegmans to get toaster waffles but I dropped my money so I couldn't buy it and then when I got to work my lunch and notebook weren't with me so after breakfast I went home to get them and came back. It isn't a fun way to start a morning, breakfast made it all better though.

When I got back to RIT Joe wanted to know how to use Betsy, so he could show other people how cool it is for a college tour. I tried to show him how to work it but the remote for the camera had a bad connection because they had never soldered it, I got to solder it and Betsy works now! That was cool.

I played with the RTIBuilder and RTIViewer software for a little bit to see if the files could be put onto the internet, and they can, we just have no idea how to manipulate the software that way yet.

the last thing that I did was make a Ghetto PTM using Red Green and Blue Filters on the lights and running them through the RTIBuilder to make PTMs. This way we could compare the filtered PTMs to the PTMs made by splitting the original white light picture into RGB. it didn't work because the program couldn't find the Glossy Ball. So on Wednesday I shall have to make another one.

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