Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 16 (Wednesday)-

We started the day on a field trip to Halle and Matt's lab to see what they are working on this summer.

I fixed Betsy’s AtoHotkey ( I deleted a file it needs when I was cleaning out the folder.)

I split the images into Red, Green and Blue color channels again so that they would save right this time and I could use them to make a PTM.

I got everything set up to make the PTMs with the channels and then realized it was time to go to lunch. I went to lunch. I ate lunch, then came back to my lab to make my PTMs. Ed and Matt came up and talked about houses and how we could make money off this house with 14 beds. That was a strange conversation, but they left soon after.

During this time I made 32 PTMs.

When I got sick of PTMs I went and took an eye tracking test, given to me by Prati and Liz.

After the eye tracking thing I went home so I wouldn’t be late for Lifeguarding.

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