Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 11 (Wednesday) -

This morning was much better.

I came in and made another Ghetto PTM and this time I used a white background so you can see the Glossy Ball. This time the Green and Blue worked but the red one got messed up and needs to be redone. I split the white light images into Red Green and Blue and made them PTMs also.

After that most of the girl interns went to the Entrepreneur movie and ate free pizza!

when the movie was over me, Prati, Liz, and Elaine went for a walk and we found a volleyball court and huge stairs! were going to go have lunch their tomorrow, at the stairs, maybe, its supposed to be really hot tomorrow.
We built sandcastles in the sand at the volleyball court.

Then i came back and blogged the first half of my week because I forgot to... :)

Going home and then to my other job as a lifeguard, goodnight!

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