Friday, July 8, 2011

Day's 1 & 2

Hi everyone,
Because I haven’t had a blog I will tell you about the last two days J

So Day One-

The first thing we did was swipe our cards and go into our meeting room so we could wait for everyone to show up. Joe had assigned us teams and we were sent out on a video scavenger hunt and the team who found the most stuff on their list would get t-shirts! We ran around the campus thinking we were doing awesome! We made our movie and went to lunch to see how other teams did. We lost… actually we got crushed. It was a sad. After lunch we went up to our labs and learned what we were to work on this summer. My job for the rest of this week is to make a Ghetto PTM. I’ll tell you what a PTM is later. Nadya (She is the college Freshmen I am working with) had me going over the Wiki and looking up what I needed to have to make this Ghetto PTM.

This is the Wiki à

And Day Two-

Day Two I came in around 11 because I took my driving test, AND I PASSED!!
When I got here I came up and Nadya told me what programs I would need to use to make a PTM and so for a long time I was looking up what these programs did and why I needed them. Joe came in and helped with how I need to set up the camera and how many pictures I need to take. You need to take 6-8 pictures for a PTM, the more there are the better. I ate lunch with Nadya and her friends and after I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out the programs and where the information comes from and goes to. I made a plan and wrote it out on the board for tomorrow. 

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