Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 5 (Tuesday) -

First we all meet in our little room.

After that we went to our labs. I manipulated images into Red Green and Blue images on ImageJ. That took until lunch time to finish splitting them.

When I went down to lunch with everyone else I found Prati and Liz. We walked around but everyone had left without us! We were on time, everyone else was early. We had a lovely lunch out in the hot sun. Elaine and Sarah had gone out and bought a fish to scan.

After lunch I came back and had trouble with my ImageJ images. It was such a pain. I split the images and it didn’t like them, we thought it was because they were grayscale, but the program wouldn’t take it. I went through and spit the images merged them and split them again so that they were in color. That didn’t work. I made them just plain old black and white to see if it was the grayscale that made the program act funny, it did but it didn’t help much because I took the photos and saved them through ImageJ. That way they were still in color the only difference from the original was that they were saved through ImageJ, and they didn’t work with the program!

I went and told Nadya this and Glen Sweeney wrote us a program on MATLab that split the pictures into Red, Green, and Blue images. The program took these pictures but the PTM image was stretched out with Red Green and Blue lines. It is weird but it still works.

Joe said that he won’t be here tomorrow and that I should try to see why the ImageJ stuff is different than Glen’s program, and find out why the PTM image is stretched.

This is the Original PTM

This is the PTM of the Blue Chanel 

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