Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 4 (Monday)-

We started the day in the meeting room before going off to our rooms. Joe came up and gave me a task for the morning, to resize the 100 pictures I took Friday, that way they would not clog up the program. That took me until lunch to do. I had to resize every picture individually! It was a long time. But after lunch the pictures could get through the program, and that was worth it. We compared the 6 picture PTM to the 100 picture PTM and the shadows were defiantly more organized then before.
After that cool stuff Joe helped get out Betsy, the PTM that the freshmen class built for Imagine RIT. He helped me find the cords and hook the computer up to her. Nadya came back soon after I got the camera hooked up and she showed me how to get a PTM out of Betsy.  Of course the first 3 trys I set the camera up wrong so we didn’t get anything but dark images, but after we fixed that we were all good and its working!
Nadya left after that and I just kept playing with Betsy. I made two more PTMs with her. One of a plastic bag and one of a paper I crumpled up.
Its Nadyas Birthday tomorrow!

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