Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 12 (Thursday)-


Today I came in and organized my PTM folders on the computer because there were way too many.

Nadya and I worked on her arm,

This is Nadya working on her arm.

I started measuring out different angles for her and then we realized we had to get the bottom of her arm cut so we could rotate it. We took a trip to the workshop to get her arm cut and then came back and fit it into the frame.

I finished measuring the angles,

This is my setup.

I measured 30-70 degree angles using the string and the arm.

Then we took the pictures,
We took one light and we went through all the angles and then took another light and do the same thing.
 Nadya put all the pictures into files and then made PTMs of them, they didn't come out so great. We are going to try again when we get more bolts on the plates.

I ate lunch, we ate outside and it was really, really hot.

After lunch we played with Nadyas arm some more, I cut mouse pads to go around the base of the frame.

Mouse Pads

When I was done we looked at how nice the PTMs from Boston are. They look very nice, and I want mine to look that good.

I got cool stuff! i get to PTM it tomorrow, maybe. Betsy is being mean and not working.

this is my cool stuff
I tryed to make a PTM of the lifejaket but Betsy is being silly.

I made the Green Filter PTM gray scale and the PTM was stretched again. Ill have to check that out tomorrow.

these are my angles

this is a Glossy Ball.

this is Nadyas arm

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