Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 15 (Tuesday)-

I worked all morning on our mac to see if I could get the RTI webmaker to work. I couldn’t figure it out! ( I dont know how to use a mac...)

Because I couldn't get it to work I split 15 PTMs images into Red, Green and Blue channels.  (There are 23 images in each PTM)

I went to lunch with some of the interns, and hung out with Ev and Alex.

After lunch I was waiting for Joe to come help with the mac. When he came we got one of the help guys to come and he discovered that the program was looking for a library that we didn’t have. He was going to find the library that we needed.

Ed came up and made the Matlab files save the right way so I could use them.

I ended my day looking at Betsy’s AtoHotkey program wondering why it was missing a step.

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