Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 7 (Thursday)-

Nadya wasn’t here all day today.  

Joe came in and I told him about MATLab and what it was doing, I told him about the Red Green and Blue channel PTM, and why they were ending up doing what they did.
I also started to look up how to make a .ptm file for the internet. I couldn’t find much information on it so I tried to see how I could add to the MATLab program, but I was having trouble with it so I decided to do to lunch.

Lunch was so much fun! We had a cookout, played games and ate cheeseburgers and hot dogs! Lots of fun, I got to through the Frisbee and botchy ball! We all ate together, it was lots of fun.

After lunch I made a plan to test the shadows of other objects in Betsy to see if the shadows had the same issue, Joe was upset about the shadows that kept showing up in the ghetto PTMs that I made. I created a PTM using Betsy, but instead of the black background I used white paper to make a white background so that we could see the shadows it was making.

Then Ed came up with Halle and Matt to help with MATLab because I am having trouble, it was a good time and very funny.

Until Tomorrow!

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