Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 3-Friday

Day 3 -

I came in and we all sat in the meeting room. The interns decided to have lunch together at noon, that way we don’t eat alone and at different times, which is good. J

Then I came up to my room with Nadya and she showed me how to use a Nikon Camera and a glossy ball for the PTM. The Glossy Ball is for detecting the vector that the light is hitting the object so that you can make the PTM. She showed me how to rename files and move the information from one program to another to get a PTM.

For the rest of the day I took pictures of a folder and made 3 different PTMs. The first was a 6 picture PTM and the next two were 12 picture PTMs. I had to make two because the camera was out of focus for the first 12 picture one.

I started another PTM to see if the shadows and light shadows would go away if more pictures were used. I couldn’t get the program to run it because the pictures were too big, so I’ll just have to wait till Monday to do that.

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